Chris Hildrey receives first Museum of Architecture grant for ProxyAddress

Chris Hildrey receives first Museum of Architecture grant for ProxyAddress

June 12th, 2020|

The Museum of Architecture has announced the launch of a new grant-giving fund, which will support projects that better engage the public with architecture and help architects to be more entrepreneurial.   

Following the success of the Gingerbread City exhibitions, first launched in London in December 2016, and now firmly established as a popular festive event over Christmas, Museum of Architecture wishes to support new projects which help to create better places and communities, and enable the public to better engage with architecture. The Gingerbread City now attracts participation from over 100 leading architects and designers and over 40,000 public visitors to its annual exhibition.

Launching in Spring 2020, the Museum of Architecture Grant Giving Fund’s first recipient will be ProxyAddress created by architect Chris Hildrey.  ProxyAddress is a system that allows those faced with homelessness to avoid being severed from support the moment they lose an address.  It uses empty or unused addresses and connects them with those who have no permanent abode, so they can access services, get identification, build financial history and avoid the stigmatisation that comes with homelessness.  Chris Hildrey has also joined the Museum of Architecture’s board of trustees to help develop the charity’s interest in promoting architectural entrepreneurship.

Melissa Woolford, founder and director of Museum of Architecture, said: ’As part of the fourth Gingerbread City exhibition, I am very excited to be able to launch the MoA Grant-Giving Fund, and start giving money towards the many exciting initiatives and projects taking shape across the industry.  As an architectural charity we were set up to find new ways of engaging the public with architecture and supporting architects to be more entrepreneurial and this fund enables us to do just that.  ProxyAddress is a powerful first recipient of the fund and showcases an architect moving beyond traditional practice to work on a wider problem. It is innovative and transformative, as well as having the potential to improve lives.’

Chris Hildrey, director of Hildrey Studio and founder of ProxyAddress, said: ‘It’s incredibly exciting to be part of the first Museum of Architecture Grant Giving Fund. This funding is testament to the work being done by MoA to enable a more entrepreneurial approach to improving our cities. The money will be a huge boost to ProxyAddress and will help to both expand its reach and broaden its impact for those who find themselves marginalised and vulnerable in our built environment today.’

The Museum of Architecture will put out an open call for entries in Spring 2020 for grants in Spring 2021.  Visit the website for more details:

The Gingerbread City

Over 100 of the UK’s leading architects and designers have come together to create The Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread City 2019.  Trading concrete and wood for dough and sweets they have designed and built a futuristic city, which explores the theme transport and how we might move around our cities in years to come.   Organised by Museum of Architecture, its aim is to connect the public with architecture in an exciting way, and spark important conversations around cities and how we live in them. The Gingerbread City is on display at Somerset House, London, until 5 January 2020.